EasyExport™ Enables U.S. Sellers and International Purchasers of Firearms and Related Products To Do Business Legally Online


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Before EasyExport, most U.S. sellers of firearms, parts, optics and accessories were unable to do business online with lawful international purchasers. Strict and complicated U.S. export regulations, confusing import requirements in purchasers’ countries and reluctance of major international couriers to transport firearm products stood in the way. U.S. sellers and their potential customers in other countries were frustrated not to be able to share in the benefits of global e-commerce enjoyed by everyone else.

That’s why a team of firearms industry and IT professionals created EasyExport. EasyExport combines their decades of experience building automated solutions and exporting firearms, parts, optics and accessories to more than 90 countries, enabling U.S. sellers of firearm products to ship safely, legally and affordably to approved purchasers in other countries.