What Does the EasyExport Trusted Exporter Button Mean?


what does the easyexport stamp mean?


Companies authorized to display the EasyExport Trusted Exporter button use EasyExport to process international shipments. EasyExport member exporters have committed to the following principles:

  • Sale of firearm products only to qualified, lawful purchasers who have created EasyExport purchaser accounts, have been approved and whose accounts are in good standing.
  • Compliance with export laws and regulations in the United States and import regulations in purchasers’ countries.
  • Reliable delivery of products to purchasers outside the United States.
  • Cooperation with law enforcement authorities to ensure that the EasyExport system is not used for unlawful purposes.

Individuals, dealers, distributors, government agencies and other authorized purchasers in countries outside the United States who wish to purchase products from a U.S. exporter that uses EasyExport to process shipments to their country must create an EasyExport account and be approved. Once approved, they may purchase products from any EasyExport exporter simply by logging in to their EasyExport account. If you are not already an approved EasyExport purchaser, click here now to create your free EasyExport purchaser account.