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Below is a list of out published news updates and press releases.

EasyExport Expands Service Territory to 82 Countries - March 26, 2020

EasyExport™, the automated processing service that enables U.S. sellers of firearms, parts, optics and accessories to ship online orders safely and legally to lawful purchasers in other countries, has announced the expansion of its service territory to 82 countries. Operators of online stores now have a reliable and affordable way to extend their reach to every important market for U.S. firearm products in the world

EasyExport plugs into manufacturers’ and retailers’ online stores. By analyzing orders in real time before purchasers check out, EasyExport gives EasyExport customers assurance that parcels can be delivered to their international customers reliably and in compliance with all regulatory requirements. EasyExport can support stores offering as few as 50 products or as many as 100,000+ with hundreds of international orders per day.

In the initial EasyExport service territory of 14 countries, including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and France, among others, EasyExport enables users to export to all types of purchasers – individuals, businesses and government agencies. By this expansion, EasyExport will be able to support online sales to governmental agencies, dealers, distributors and other authorized business purchasers in 68 additional countries, but not to individual consumers in those markets.

Explaining the expanded service territory, EasyExport CEO Jeff Grody said, “We give individual consumers in our first 14 countries extra support with import regulations and permits in their countries, as well as customs duties and import taxes, recognizing that many of them are new to importing U.S. products. Business and governmental purchasers are more experienced and don’t require as much help.” He continued, “This enormous increase in the size of our service territory will give EasyExport customers the ability to use the convenience, efficiency and safety of EasyExport right now to sell online into countries comprising nearly 100% of the addressable world market. We will build the extra support for direct-to-consumer sales in the new countries as quickly as we can.”

EasyExport is currently conducting preliminary operations with four U.S. exporters, Volquartsen Firearms, LaRue Tactical, Elite Tactical Systems and TANDEMKROSS. Expansion of the EasyExport service territory took effect on March 23, 2020. General release will occur later this year.

EasyExport is the only solution that enables operators of U.S. online stores to export firearms, parts, optics, accessories and related products reliably, legally and affordably to lawful purchasers in other countries. With EasyExport, U.S. exporters can tap additional revenue sources, gain a competitive advantage, comply with complex regulations, sell internationally with ease, and get peace of mind. EasyExport was created by firearms industry and IT professionals with decades of experience building automated solutions and exporting firearm products. Learn more and schedule a demo at www.easyexport.net/exporters.

EasyExport™ Launches Solution that Enables International Sale of Firearm Products Online - March 9, 2020

Automated Export Processing, Inc. (AEP) has begun preliminary tests of its EasyExport automated export processing system with four customers, Volquartsen Firearms, LaRue Tactical, Elite Tactical Systems (ETS) and TANDEMKROSS. EasyExport eliminates the complexity and fear associated with exporting firearm products and empowers U.S. sellers to participate fully in the global e-commerce market. EasyExport arrives in time to help companies benefit from new U.S. export regulations that take effect on March 9, 2020.

EasyExport is an automated export processing service that enables U.S. companies to sell firearms, parts, optics and related products online safely, securely and legally to purchasers in other countries. A turnkey solution that plugs into its customers’ websites through an API, EasyExport automatically processes shipments to international customers. EasyExport identifies and classifies export-controlled products, obtains and manages export licenses, vets and approves international purchasers, flags required import permits, generates shipping documents and labels, and provides logistics support, record-keeping and Help Desk services.

Scott Volquartsen, President of Volquartsen Firearms, said, “We have grown our international presence steadily, but bringing new commercial customers on board is time-consuming and inefficient. We also turn potential international online customers away because we are not currently equipped to handle their orders. With EasyExport’s help, we look forward to exponential growth in our international sales.”

Jeff Grody, AEP Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “It isn’t right that lawful American companies selling firearms, parts, optics and accessories should be excluded from the global e-commerce boom. Exporters equipped with EasyExport won’t be. EasyExport is a game-changer not just for our customers but also for their customers — dealers, distributors, government agencies and individuals around the world who want to buy American firearm products. Now, international purchasers will have convenient, immediate access to a much more diverse selection than has been available to them in the past.”

LaRue Tactical is one of the first companies to use EasyExport. Samantha LaRue Gerdes said, “For years, we have wanted to extend our very successful direct-to-consumer business model to customers outside the United States, but the risk and complexity of exporting our products have stood in the way. With EasyExport, we finally have a safe, secure and affordable solution.”

Grody said, “We are thrilled that four well known and very respected brands, Volquartsen Firearms, LaRue Tactical, ETS and TANDEMKROSS are trusting us to guide them into the future of international sales of their products.”

EasyExport will launch fully automated operations in the coming months. To learn more and sign up for a demo, visit www.easyexport.net.