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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t live in the U.S, we understand that you may have found it challenging to purchase high-quality firearms, parts and accessories from American Sellers.

EasyExport has changed that by helping American Sellers to navigate complex export legislation with ease, meaning it’s now possible to connect with trusted American Sellers and obtain the superior American-made parts and accessories you need, whenever you need them.

If you can’t find the answer to your question on this page, please contact us to discuss your query.

What is EasyExport?

EasyExport is an export processing service. With EasyExport, online sellers of firearms, riflescopes and related products in the United States can ship directly to dealers, individuals and government agencies in more than 80 countries. EasyExport takes care of all the regulatory requirements for merchants and helps purchasers meet import requirements in their countries.

How does EasyExport work?

As a buyer, EasyExport® connects you with trusted American Sellers able to ship their products internationally. All you need to do is register with us to gain access to American Sellers able to ship internationally.

Once your registration is approved, you can browse available products and shop with any EasyExport® seller on demand. Any item you buy is shipped directly to you in a legal, compliant manner.

Please visit our registration page to get started.

How much does EasyExport cost?

There is no charge for registering with us or using EasyExport to purchase products. The American Sellers using EasyExport to process their international shipments pay all costs.

Some sellers will charge an international handling fee but this will be clear before you complete your purchase.

You will also pay for shipping and you will be responsible for duties and import taxes in your country. There are no other charges.

Is EasyExport for me?

If you want to buy American firearms parts, accessories, and optics conveniently and affordably.

EasyExport is the perfect partner for you, whether you are an individual, a business, an overseas dealer or a government agency.

You can shop via EasyExports knowing that your order will be processed quickly, with all license and compliance issues taken care of.

Is EasyExport safe? How can I be sure I will receive the products I buy?

EasyExport sellers have already shipped thousands of products to very happy individuals and dealers around the world.

All buyers and sellers are thoroughly checked before being granted EasyExport access and our customer care team is on hand to help you resolve any issues or address any concerns.

Why hasn’t a service like EasyExport existed previously?

American regulations which govern how civilian guns and parts are exported changed in March 2020.

The new regulations made it is possible to automate almost all of the processes mandated for exporting guns and related products legally and safely.

Where can I shop?

After you have registered with us, you can shop with any of the American Sellers signed up to EasyExport.

We’re constantly onboarding new sellers so if you don’t see the seller you want, get in touch with them and invite them to connect with us in order to begin accepting overseas orders.

How much will I pay for shipping and what other charges will I pay?

When you shop with an EasyExport American Seller, you will usually be shopping on the same website American shoppers use and you will be paying the same prices they do.

You will pay for shipping just as you would if you were in the United States. Keep in mind that shipping internationally costs more than domestic shipping.

In addition to shipping costs, many American Sellers add an international handling charge.

How can I register for EasyExport?

You can register for EasyExport online. To get started, head to our registration page.

I am a dealer. Can EasyExport help me find new American suppliers?

Absolutely. EasyExport sellers are eager to create trade relationships with dealers from other countries, we have already helped a number of international dealers to find new suppliers in the USA.

EasyExport makes it very easy for international dealers and distributors to do business with American Sellers.

EasyExport sellers are happy to fill orders of any size. What’s more, thanks to EasyExport’s export license management capabilities, export licenses are in place before you order so you won’t face shipping delays.

Can I trust American Sellers?

American Sellers use EasyExport because they want to bring the same great products and customer service to international buyers that they give their customers in the USA.

EasyExport was created with this in mind and we provide sellers with a range of resources and support to help them ship hassle-free to more than 80 countries worldwide.

In the event of any issues, our customer service team is on hand to assist.

Can I trust EasyExport?

We designed EasyExport specifically because we’re committed to connecting American Sellers with overseas buyers.

Our mission is to give you access to American firearms and related products that you may have previously struggled to get hold of, while also offering up our years of expertise in the industry.

You can trust us to do everything in our power to make that happen. Your personal information is safe with us.

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What Our Customers Say


"The registration and approval process for purchasers has a quick turnaround time and this prevents abandoned carts for us.

Purchasers are easily able to navigate the buying process and this smooth transaction makes for a happy customer! "

Jen Ramsey, General Manager.



"I have found since joining the EasyExport site them to be extremely helpful whenever I order anything from one of the merchants registered with them.

They clear the paperwork I need in record time and never keep me waiting. They have always kept me updated if ever there is a delay on any of my orders and I highly recommend them"

Mick Doyle, Ireland
International Buyer


EasyExport is cost-effective, and
takes a huge, bureaucratic process and distills our part of it down to a few steps we can handle with confidence. I highly recommend EasyExport.

Al Lorenz, OwnerEE - Merchant Logos_Lakeline LLC


"It arrived so quick! I don’t know how this is even possible. There is nothing you could have done better.

Fantastic customer service, quick response
time, and quick delivery. Just perfect."

Remo, EU
International Buyer


"Thanks to the team at EasyExport, we have been able to drastically reduce the turnaround time for orders shipping to our existing clients as well as to expand our international sales with ease and confidence.

EasyExport has done the research necessary to ensure our products are legal for import as is, whether they require additional consumer licensing or otherwise."

Scott Volquartsen, President, 


"It's easy to create an account, and uploading documents goes smoothly. When it's time for checkout and payment, just hit the EasyExport button and that's it.

If any documents are needed, EasyExport will let you know asap.

I have used EasyExport several times with 3 different companies without hiccups."

Frode, Norway
International Buyer

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