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Affordable Subscriptions

With EasyExport, there are no hidden fees and no surprises. Following initial upfront costs for implementation and product setup, sellers only pay when they make a sale to an International Buyer. There are three subscription options to choose from, with each subscription including top features:

EasyExport® Subscriptions and Features*
EasyExport Grow
Late 2022**
EasyExport GlobalPlus***
Product Classification
EasyExport classifies your products for U.S. export regulations and destination country import requirements.
Personalized User Interface
Customizable EasyExport user interface displays your products, orders, shipments and more.
Order Processing
EasyExport instantly processes every order for U.S. export and destination-country import requirements. Holds are placed on items that cannot be shipped until requirements are satisfied.
Export Licenses
EasyExport obtains export licenses from the U.S. Commerce Dept when required.
Import Permit Review
EasyExport reviews and approves import permits when required by the buyer's country.
Shipment Processing
EasyExport provides the tools and information you need to get each shipment out the door and to its destination in compliance with U.S. Government and carrier requirements.
Buyer Registration and Vetting
EasyExport registers and approves all buyers. Sell safely.
EasyExport Buyer Support
EasyExport helps your customers with import permits, duties, taxes, and other questions.
SLIs/Freight Forwarder Interface
Generate SLIs automatically and communicate with freight forwarders effortlessly with our freight forwarder interface.
User Manual and Resources
Your user interface contains resources to help you ship safely, legally, and reliably.
Export Record-Keeping
EasyExport automatically stores records of every transaction per export regulations.
EasyExport Logos
EasyExport logos assure international buyers that you will accept their orders and that you ship safely, legally, and reliably.
Compliance Help Desk
EasyExport staff is there to help you avoid export mistakes. We say, "Ask. Don't guess."
Onboarding Training
EasyExport sets you up for success with a comprehensive training program before you launch.
Extra Charge
EasyExport submits requests for official determination of export classifications when required.
International Sales Policies
Don't invent international sales and shipping policies. Start with our template.
Continuing Merchant Training
Learn from peers, experts, and our staff how to be better, smarter, and more successful at serving international customers.
Lost Shipment Analysis
If a shipment doesn't reach its destination, we'll help analyze why.
Government Liaison
We take the lead on all interactions with government officials.
Seller Directory
We help International Buyers find you with a free listing in the Seller directory.
Listing on EasyExport Website
Be seen by international visitors to the EasyExport website.
DealerConnect Benefits
Dealers in other countries can find you and apply for a dealer relationship using our convenient, online form. Grow your international dealer network quickly.
Preferred Partner Listing
Licensed dealers in EasyExport's global Preferred Partner network put your logo on their websites. (Coming in late 2022).
EasyExport Merchant Insights™ Monthly Reports
Free monthly statistical reports measure your international performance against the aggregated data in EasyExport's proprietary database. Know more about your international customers and opportunities than you know about the domestic market.

* See Subscription Agreement, Terms of Service and Pricing Sheet for full details.
** Available late 2022.
*** EasyExport promises international purchasers that EasyExport registration will entitle them to shop at any EasyExport seller’s online store. Sellers with EasyExport GlobalPlus™ subscriptions enable EasyExport to fulfill that promise and make EasyExport sellers the first place international shoppers look when they want to buy American guns, parts, optics or accessories. Eligibility for EasyExport GlobalPlus™ Subscription is based on:

  • All or substantially all products seller offers to U.S. customers are offered for export, subject to supplier restrictions and EasyExport eligibility requirements.
  • Seller is willing to sell and ship all EasyExport-registered purchasers in all or substantially all countries in the EasyExport territory, subject only to EasyExport and supplier restrictions.
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EasyExport Grow

The perfect solution for low-volume and occasional exporters.

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EasyExport Global

Everything you need to manage your international export activities with confidence.

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EasyExport GlobalPlus

A top-tier solution to support growth and development in international markets.

EasyExport GlobalPlus

Our enhanced subscription not only helps American Sellers export with confidence but also includes customized support and assistance in international growth and development. From improving the visibility of your brand across international markets to analyzing sales and making data-driven decisions for your business’s future, EasyExport is here to help you grow and thrive. 

In addition to everything in our Global option, GlobalPlus subscribers will receive: 

  • Merchant directory
  • Listing on EasyExport website
  • Online dealer application
  • Preferred partner listing
  • Monthly Merchant Insights™ reports

EasyExport Global

This solution is tailored to larger businesses that already have the resources, such as marketing and business intelligence, to expand into new markets.

EasyExport Global includes all the core features that sellers need to export safely and securely.

It’s also ideal for organizations that already have a strong presence in international markets, but desire to automate their export processes to reduce costs.

In addition to all the top features above, EasyExport Global sellers also receive:

  • Premium compliance helpdesk
  • Live onboarding training
  • CJ/CCATS requests included
  • International sales policies template
  • Ongoing merchant training
  • Lost shipment analysis
  • Government liaison

EasyExport Grow - Coming in Fall 2022

Our most convenient subscription to date, EasyExport Grow is being specially developed to provide much-needed support to dealers, traders and other low-volume or occasional exporters of collectible and antique firearms.

This is the perfect solution for gun traders who today have no good way to ship one-of-a-kind guns to high bidders outside the United States. This subscription will be available for purchase online and will include everything you need to ship conveniently, affordably, safely and reliably.

In addition to EasyExport's core features, EasyExport Grow sellers will also receive:

  • Compliance and shipping helpdesk
  • Complete user training

Need a Custom Subscription?

EasyExport understands that the big plans you have for your international export business may require a subscription tailored to your precise requirements. No problem.

EasyExport's core features - flawless product classification, instant and accurate order analysis, total export license and import permit management, continuous end user vetting, and unlimited helpdesk support - enable any company in the American firearms industry to raise its export compliance game while reducing compliance and licensing costs.

Book a consultation with our experts to discuss your requirements.

EasyExport Implementation

There is a one-time investment for setting you up with EasyExport GlobalPlus or Global, which also includes training, and launch. If EasyExport will be integrated with your eCommerce system, the implementation charge is $2,500. Without an eCommence integration, the implementation charge is $1,000 or $500.

Charges for EasyExport Grow will be announced later this year.

Product Set-Up

A one-time charge of $3 per product for every product SKU/UPC offered for international sale.

Example: 500 products = $1,500.

Order Processing Charge

An order processing charge is incurred when you receive an order. The charge is based on the value of the order and is cancelled if the order is cancelled.

Book a consultation to learn more about our subscriptions and features.

Subscription Charge

A % of the order value is charged when you ship.

A sliding scale is in place to ensure that the higher the order value, the lower the percentage charged, meaning you keep more of the margin in your international sales.

Book a consultation to learn more about our pricing. 

Additional Information

Our automated system enables us to maintain a cost-effective pricing structure which encourages commerce to take place.

EasyExport pricing is designed to work for everybody.

What Our
American Sellers Say


"The registration and approval process for purchasers has a quick turnaround time and this prevents abandoned carts for us.

Purchasers are easily able to navigate the buying process and this smooth transaction makes for a happy customer!"

Jen Ramsay, General Manager.



"EasyExport is cost-effective, and takes a huge, bureaucratic process and distills our part of it down to a few steps we can handle with confidence. I highly recommend EasyExport."

Al Lorenz, Owner.

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"Thanks to the team at EasyExport, we have been able to drastically reduce the turnaround time for orders shipping to our existing clients as well as to expand our international sales with ease and confidence.

EasyExport has done the research necessary to ensure our products are legal for import as is, whether they require additional consumer licensing or otherwise."

Scott Volquartsen, President.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EasyExport is committed to making it as quick, easy, and hassle-free as possible to begin exporting your products to overseas buyers and grow your business. We know that you are searching for a solution that removes the risk and headaches associated with shipping overseas and need a safe, efficient tool to help you do just that.
We speak frequently with American Sellers across the country and understand that you may have a few questions. You’ll find our most frequently asked questions here to help you find the answers you need instantly but if you have a query not covered here, please get in touch. We’d be very happy to help.
What is EasyExport?

EasyExport is a software solution that enables American sellers to ship safely, by themselves, to international buyers in 82 countries.


Our technology automates order processing, identifies orders that require export licenses, manages export licenses, generates accurate shipping labels, instantly generates shipper's letters of instruction (SLIs), and enables easy interaction with commercial freight forwarders. It is your fast, legal and safe passport to international sales.

Is EasyExport for me?

If you manufacture or sell firearms, parts, scopes, or accessories and ship or want to ship them to other countries, EasyExport is for you.


If you already export products, EasyExport can help you export them more easily, efficiently, and economically, all while supported by a highly experienced team of industry experts.


If you don’t currently handle international orders but want to grow your business and make more sales, EasyExport can let you to tap into a new revenue stream in two weeks. Our experienced team is also on hand to provide guidance and support to help you get up and running as a seller to international buyers.


Please visit our American sellers page for more information.

How does EasyExport work?

EasyExport is simple to use:


  1. Once you've signed up with us, your international orders will be entered into EasyExport through your ecommerce system, ERP system or user interface.
  2. EasyExport instantly analyzes each order to determine whether an export license or import permit is required. 

  3. If so, EasyExport puts a hold on the order. That prevents the order from being shipped until regulations are satisfied. 

  4. EasyExport’s knowledgeable team obtains the necessary export licenses for you and approves the import permits your customers to obtain. 

  5. When licenses and permits are in place, EasyExport clears the order for shipment.

Most orders are cleared for shipment instantly. Only a small percentage of orders require either an export license or import permit.


Please visit our export page for more information.

Is EasyExport safe? We don’t know anything about export regulations

EasyExport was designed by experts in firearm exports to give you complete peace of mind. Export regulations are complicated, and we saw that this complication, and the fear of getting it wrong, was stopping many American businesses from growing their revenue by tapping into the strong demand from overseas buyers.


EasyExport was built from the ground up to ensure best practice compliance. We also provide comprehensive training, useful resources, and unlimited help desk services, freeing you up to export with confidence. If you make a mistake (everyone does sooner or later), we’ll also take the lead to fix it for you.

How much does EasyExport cost?

Our pricing structure is simple, fair, and transparent. As a seller, you pay only when you make a sale to an international customer. There is a charge when you receive an order and a second charge when you ship. Both charges are based on the value of the order or shipment.


For example, A sale under $100 will cost $15. A $500 sale costs $57.50. A $1,000 sale will cost $110. Please visit our Subscriptions page for more information.

How hard is shipping when I receive an international order?

It isn’t hard at all! Multiple affordable options are available for shipping most packages to most destinations (we currently serve more than 80 countries). EasyExport is designed to assist you with every aspect of shipping, with additional support from our help desk available on demand.


EasyExport will only clear your order for shipping after verifying whether an export license and or import permit is required, and then obtaining the relevant export license and or checking the import permit. This means that every order cleared by EasyExport can be shipped with complete peace of mind that you are operating legally and compliantly.


From your EasyExport interface, you can ensure reliable delivery with accurate shipping labels, interact with commercial freight forwarders effortlessly, and generate Shipper's Letters of Instruction (SLIs) instantly.

Will we get paid? Isn’t there a risk of fraud?

Sellers who ship to EasyExport-approved customers face zero risk of fraud. For compliance purposes, EasyExport thoroughly vets every buyer - whether they are an individual, business or government agency - before activating their registration.

This process not only assures sellers that they are doing business with lawful customers, it also protects against credit card fraud.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Click here to book a consultation at a day and time that suits you. A representative will get in touch to talk you through using EasyExport and set up your test environment so you can experience using EasyExport firsthand.


If you’d like to get started, you can be using EasyExport to ship internationally in as little as two weeks.

What is your onboarding process?

We’ve designed our onboarding process to be incredibly simple, while also ensuring you’re confident using EasyExport and all of its features. You can expect the whole process to take around two weeks.


After signing a contract with us, we’ll schedule an onboarding meeting. We’ll then ask you for your product list so we can set it up in EasyExport on your behalf. When your products are loaded, we’ll invite you to join a training session. At the end of the training session, your account goes live and you’re ready to accept and ship orders from overseas buyers.

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