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Why Use EasyExport?

There are some instances where licenses are required. And unfortunately, the rules and regulations are a little complicated and confusing.

Understanding when licenses are needed - and what type of permit is necessary for the type of product that’s being shipped - can be a very complex and time-consuming task. At EasyExport, we’re here to help.

Here are six benefits included with total peace of mind that EasyExport has your license management
under control.

  • Zero additional buyer/seller fees for export license management

  • Tailored license support from the EasyExport team

  • No hassle license applications handled on your behalf
  • Personalized advice for importing/exporting to specific countries

  • Buy and sell with complete confidence

  • No need to understand complex import/export regulations
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We’ll help you to understand license requirements.

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We support sellers to ensure they’re always operating compliantly.

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We'll ensure that licenses and permits haven't expired before an order ships.

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Export Licenses and Import Permits

Export of some products from the United States is regulated under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Other products can be exported freely. Orders that include regulated products sometimes require an export license.

Importing American firearms and related products into other countries is also regulated. Some countries require the buyer to obtain an import permit for almost any firearm part or accessory shipped from the USA.

Other countries require import permits only for certain major components. Each country is different. EasyExport's software knows the export and import requirements for every product its sellers sell. There's no guesswork, time or labor involved

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When an international buyer makes a purchase from any EasyExport merchant, our software automatically flags the order if an export license or import permit is required.

We’ll apply for export licenses on behalf of American sellers, and inform buyers that they’ll need to upload a copy of their import permit before their order can be processed. And for individuals in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, we can even prepare the import permit application on your behalf. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

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EasyExport removes the complexity from license management for both American Sellers and International Buyers.

If an export license is needed when an order is placed, EasyExport applies for the export license on behalf of the seller. Should an import license be required, this will be flagged and the buyer will be notified.

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Export License Renewal

Our platform keeps track of all licenses, and we’ll automatically apply for a renewal before your existing license expires. This means that there’s no waiting around for approval when a future order is made, allowing American Sellers to ship without delay, and speeding up the import/export process.

Through our license management program, American Sellers only need to wait for a license approval the first time they sell to a specific customer, allowing repeat orders to be shipped immediately.

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What Sellers & Buyers Say


"The registration and approval process for purchasers has a quick turnaround time and this prevents abandoned carts for us.

Purchasers are easily able to navigate the buying process and this smooth transaction makes for a happy customer! "

Jen Ramsay, General Manager.



"Since joining the EasyExport site, I have found them to be extremely helpful whenever I order anything from one of the merchants registered with them.

They clear the paperwork I need in record time and never keep me waiting. They have always kept me updated if ever there is a delay on any of my orders and I highly recommend them"

Mick Doyle, Ireland
International Buyer


EasyExport is cost-effective, and
takes a huge, bureaucratic process and distills our part of it down to a few steps we can handle with confidence. I highly recommend EasyExport.

Al Lorenz, OwnerEE - Merchant Logos_Lakeline LLC


"It arrived so quick! I don’t know how this is even possible. There is nothing you could have done better.

Fantastic customer service, quick response
time, and quick delivery. Just perfect."

Remo, EU
International Buyer


"Thanks to the team at EasyExport, we have been able to drastically reduce the turnaround time for orders shipping to our existing clients as well as to expand our international sales with ease and confidence.

EasyExport has done the research necessary to ensure our products are legal for import as is, whether they require additional consumer licensing or otherwise."

Scott Volquartsen, President, 


"It's easy to create an account, and uploading documents goes smoothly. When it's time for checkout and payment, just hit the EasyExport button and that's it.

If any documents are needed, EasyExport will let you know asap.

I have used EasyExport several times with 3 different companies without hiccups."

Frode, Norway
International Buyer

Our Trusted American Sellers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you handle export licenses?

American sellers authorize EasyExport to obtain export licenses for them. If an order requires an export license, we obtain it.

EasyExport does not charge anyone for obtaining export licenses.

How long does it take to obtain an export license?

It typically takes between 4-6 weeks to obtain an export license.

When international dealers place repeat orders with EasyExport sellers, the export license has already been obtained in advance, so there are no delays or lengthy waiting periods.

What do American sellers and international buyers need to do if an export license is required?

Nothing. EasyExport’s license management team takes care of everything to ensure complete compliance.

How does EasyExport handle import permits?

In many countries, only firearms and major firearm components -- frames, receivers, barrels, bolts, slides, and cylinders -- require import permits. In others, even major firearm components can enter without an import permit.

Some countries, such as New Zealand and South Africa, however, require an import permit for nearly all firearm components. When an import permit is required by the international buyer’s country or by American regulations, EasyExport will request a copy of the import permit before the order can ship.

EasyExport staff provides all the help international buyers need. Our team will prepare applications for import permits for individuals in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Who is responsible for paying duties, VAT and import taxes?

Duties, VAT and import taxes are paid by international buyers when goods are delivered.

EasyExport helps international buyers to calculate these amounts with information offered via your EasyExport account.

What is EasyExport?

EasyExport is an export processing service. With EasyExport, American Sellers of firearms parts, riflescopes and related products in the United States can ship directly to dealers, individuals and government agencies in 82 countries.

EasyExport takes care of all the regulatory requirements for sellers and helps buyers meet import requirements in their countries.

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