Management Team

Jeff Grody, President and Chief Executive Officer (

Jeff Grody is co-founder and CEO of Automated Export Processing, Inc., the creator of EasyExport. Since 2005, Jeff has helped U.S. exporters and importers of firearm products in other countries do business with one another. As Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Colt Defense from 2005 to 2014 and head of the Orchid Advisors export consulting practice from 2014 to 2019, Jeff has helped negotiate, structure and execute hundreds of international transactions involving firearms, optics, parts, accessories and technology with parties in more than 80 countries.

Jeff is a graduate of Princeton University and the Columbia University School of Law.

Miles Grody, Executive VP, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel (

Miles Grody is a co-founder of Automated Export Processing, Inc. He has helped manage numerous technology businesses from start-up to maturity.

Miles has played key management roles in eight early stage companies, half of which were true startups at the time he joined or helped found them. From 2002 through April 2018, he served in the roles of Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of ACell, Inc., a regenerative medicine company that grew during that period from startup to over $90M in annual revenue.

Before ACell, Miles was General Counsel and a member of the Board of Directors of Credit Management Services, Inc. (CMSI), where he helped guide its IPO. After the IPO, Miles was President of CMSI’s software division during its $52M sale to First American Financial. Miles has also been CEO/President and board member of venture-backed Perceptant Corporation, Co-Founder and COO of TomaHawk II, Inc., and corporate counsel for Perot Systems Corporation during the company’s early years of operation.

Miles is a graduate of Harvard University and Yale Law School.

April Garafano, Director of Operations and Compliance (

April Garafano has spent her entire career exporting firearms, parts, optics, accessories and related products from the United States to commercial and military purchasers around the world.

Immediately prior to joining Automated Export Processing, Inc. to help create EasyExport, April was International Business Manager at Colt’s Manufacturing Company and Colt Defense, where she was responsible for the compliance and contract management of Colt’s import and export sales and purchases. Previous positions at Colt included Manager, Compliance and Contract Management and Export Compliance Specialist.

April has prepared thousands of ITAR and EAR export licenses, involving exports to more than 90 countries. She has deep experience managing shipments of firearm products to other countries and is one of the leading authorities in the United States regarding firearm-related import regulations in other countries.

Information Technology

The EasyExport Information Technology team consists of seasoned software engineers with diverse experience designing, developing and managing enterprise information technology systems. They have incorporated into EasyExport the functionality, reliability, scalability and data security necessary to support maximum automation of firearm product exports.