FAQs for International Purchasers

Below we’ve answered several frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please send us a message.

What is EasyExport?

EasyExport is an export processing service. With EasyExport, online sellers of firearms, riflescopes and related products in the United States can ship directly to dealers, individuals and government agencies in 82 countries. EasyExport takes care of all the regulatory requirements for exporters and helps purchasers meet import requirements in their countries.

How will EasyExport help me?

Complex U.S. export regulations have made it too hard for U.S. online sellers to sell outside the United States. EasyExport enables them to sell to you. EasyExport gives you a way to buy products from U.S. sellers who use EasyExport to process exports.

What are EasyExport purchaser accounts?

Purchaser accounts make it easy for you to buy products from EasyExport exporters. U.S. exporters of firearms and related products are required to know who is buying them. They also are required to know that firearm products are being purchased for a lawful purpose. Purchaser accounts allow you to give that information in one place.

Purchaser accounts also provide you with information relating to import requirements, duties and taxes in your country and whether U.S. export laws require export licenses for items shipped to your country.

Purchaser accounts also give you the ability to upload import permits and other documents when they are required to process an order you place with an EasyExport exporter.

We think you will find your purchaser account to be a great convenience to you.

How much does an EasyExport Purchaser Account cost?

You will never pay anything for your EasyExport Purchaser Account.

Will EasyExport exporters ship to my country?

Please see our EasyExport Service Territory page for information on the products that can be shipped to you by EasyExport exporters. Import regulations in your country may restrict certain items.

How do I use my EasyExport purchaser account to shop?

When you have an approved EasyExport purchaser account, you can use your EasyExport user identification and password to shop at any EasyExport exporter’s online store. Visit the website where you want to shop, log in and shop. Your successful login tells the seller that you are an approved purchaser.

How quickly will my EasyExport Purchaser Account be approved?

In most cases, Purchaser Accounts will be approved within 24 hours after we have received all your information. If EasyExport staff have any questions, they will contact you by email.

How do you use the information I provide when I create my purchaser account?

EasyExport uses the information you provide to review and approve your purchaser account and, after approval, to keep your purchaser account in good standing. Information you provide also is used in connection with your purchases from EasyExport exporters.

EasyExport will not sell your personal data to anyone.  Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

When I shop, will I be doing business with EasyExport or with the exporter?

When you shop, you will do business with the exporter, not EasyExport. EasyExport does not sell anything. We process your orders so exporters can ship to you.

Where can I learn more about my country’s import regulations?

When your purchaser account is approved, you will be given access to a dashboard where you will find information about import regulations, duties and import taxes in your country. [Note: This information is not yet posted for certain countries. Thank you for your patience.]

How and when do I pay duties on the products I buy from the U.S.?

Duties and other import charges are paid by you when goods are received in your country. They are not collected by the U.S. exporter when you pay for your purchase.

Does EasyExport offer purchasing agent, brokering or consulting services?

We regret that we are unable to assist purchasers as an agent, broker or consultant. Our sole business is to process export transactions for EasyExport exporters.