FAQs for International Purchasers

Below we’ve answered several frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please send us a message.

What is EasyExport?

EasyExport is a processing service that enables U.S. sellers of firearms, optics, parts and accessories to safely, securely and reliably comply with U.S. export regulations when they ship these items to purchasers like you outside the United States. EasyExport also helps purchasers obtain import permits that their countries require for certain items purchased from EasyExport exporters. With EasyExport, U.S. sellers will no longer tell you they can’t ship to you.

How does EasyExport help me?

By giving U.S. sellers a way to comply with export regulations and to know that import permits have been obtained by purchasers when required, EasyExport enables them to ship their products to you without fear they will violate the law or that you will not receive delivery of the items you buy. That allows U.S. sellers to open the doors of their online stores to you. But EasyExport helps you in other ways, too. Do you have questions about import permits in your country? EasyExport has all the information and links you need. And with a single user ID and password, you will be able to log in at any EasyExport exporter’s website.

Why do I need to create an EasyExport purchaser account?

U.S. exporters are required by U.S. law to know their customers and to take appropriate steps to ensure that they are not selling products to prohibited persons or to purchasers who lack required licenses or may use the products for unlawful purposes. Most U.S. companies want help to ensure that international purchasers are correctly vetted and approved.

EasyExport exporters rely on EasyExport to approve purchasers. The information we request when you set up your account is necessary for EasyExport to approve you. With an approved EasyExport Purchaser Account, government agencies, dealers, distributors, individuals and other authorized purchasers can go online anytime and purchase products immediately from EasyExport exporters.

How much does an EasyExport Purchaser Account cost?

You will never pay anything for your EasyExport Purchaser Account.

How long does it take to create an EasyExport Purchaser Account?

It will take you about 15 minutes to create your EasyExport Purchaser Account if you have scanned the documents we will ask you to upload and have them ready.

Individuals are asked to upload their firearm owner’s license or permit if they intend to buy firearm parts, accessories or firearm optics from EasyExport exporters. Firearm dealers and distributors are asked to upload their business license and their license to sell firearms and firearm parts. Other businesses that have special authority to own firearms are asked to upload evidence of their special authority.

Will EasyExport exporters ship to my country?

EasyExport supports sales by its customers to purchasers in 82 countries.

Exporters equipped with EasyExport can ship EAR99 items, optical scopes and certain minor firearm accessories directly to individuals in 82 countries. They also can ship firearm components to individuals in 14 of those countries.

EasyExport exporters can ship all of their products to dealers, distributors, other authorized businesses and government agencies in all 82 countries in EasyExport’s service territory. Automatic firearms, sound suppressors, and other products controlled by the International Traffic in Arms regulations are excluded, as well as ammunition and ammunition equipment.

If I have an EasyExport Purchaser Account, where can I shop?

Your EasyExport purchaser account will allow you to shop at any U.S. online store that uses EasyExport to process international shipments. Volquartsen Firearms, and TANDEMKROSS are currently using EasyExport and they will soon be joined by LaRue Tactical, Elite Tactical Systems and others. If a U.S. online store will not ship to you and is not an EasyExport exporter, please urge them to contact sales@easyexport.net so you can buy their products.

How quickly will my EasyExport Purchaser Account be approved?

In most cases, Purchaser Accounts will be approved within 24 hours after we have received all your information. If EasyExport staff have any questions, they will contact you by email.

If EasyExport isn’t operating today, why should I create an EasyExport Purchaser Account?

Your EasyExport purchaser account will introduce you to a growing list of U.S. exporters of firearm products who are able to ship to you. With an active EasyExport purchaser account, you will be approved to shop with any EasyExport exporter.

After I create a Purchaser Account, will EasyExport exporters contact me

EasyExport has strict rules governing the ways your personal information may be used. If you arrive at the EasyExport.net website from an EasyExport exporter’s website and create a Purchaser Account, the exporter will become your “Home Store” in EasyExport and will receive your contact information unless you opt out. Your Home Store may contact you with offers and promotions unless you opt out. No other EasyExport exporter or any other company will receive any personal information you provide to us, except for purposes of processing orders you place and for operating the EasyExport system. Information that we provide to exporters for processing orders may not be used by them for any other purpose.

EasyExport will not sell your personal data to anyone.  Please see our Privacy Policy for additional information.

When I shop, will I be doing business with EasyExport or with the exporter?

When you shop, you will do business with the exporter, not EasyExport. EasyExport does not sell anything.

EasyExport’s role is to help you create and maintain your Purchaser Account and work in the background to process your orders for EasyExport exporters. Your shopping experience is completely between you and the store where you shop. After you have created your EasyExport Purchaser Account, you won’t ever need to return to your EasyExport dashboard except to upload or download documents or to obtain information about import, export and customs regulations.

Can you help me understand import regulations in my country?

If you are located in one of the 14 countries to which EasyExport supports sales to individuals, EasyExport identifies items that require an import permit during its analysis of the shopping cart and will tell you which import permit is required. You also will find detailed information and links in your purchaser account dashboard to help you obtain the correct import permit.

We are not yet able to provide the same support to purchasers in the other 68 countries to which EasyExport exporters ship. If you are located in one of those countries, it is your responsibility to identify import permit requirements and to upload import permits to EasyExport so your orders can be cleared for shipment.

How and when do I pay duties on the products I buy from the U.S.?

Duties and other import charges are paid when goods are received in your country. Duties and other import charges are not collected by the U.S. exporter when you pay for your purchase. You will find detailed information in your Purchaser Dashboard to help you calculate duties and other import charges imposed by your country and explaining when and how they are collected. Please read this information carefully to avoid any surprises. We encourage you to use the links and contact information we provide if you need additional information from the appropriate agencies in your country.

Who obtains U.S. export licenses when they are required, EasyExport or the exporter?

When an order contains products that require a U.S. export license, EasyExport obtains the license for the exporter. The exporter cannot ship the products until the export license has been issued by the U.S. government.

Can EasyExport act as a purchasing agent or broker for me or consult with me on U.S. purchases?

We regret that we are unable to assist purchasers as an agent, broker or consultant. Our sole business is to process export transactions for EasyExport exporters.