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Step 1 : Order Analysis

When an International Buyer purchases items from an American Seller, EasyExport scans the order to determine whether an import or export license is required. In most cases, licenses will not be necessary, and sellers can ship orders without delay.

  • Instantly see whether a license is required
  • Enjoy complete peace of mind that you’re acting compliantly
  • Benefit from full visibility into the status of an order
EasyExport Website V2_Process - Order Analysis
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Step 2 : License Management

Should an import permit or export license be required, EasyExport will place an automatic hold on the order. Export license applications will be made on behalf of the seller, while buyers will be advised to upload a copy of their import permit to the system. 

  • Easily see what steps are needed for compliant importing/exporting
  • Take advantage of expert support from the EasyExport team
  • Rest assured that required licenses and permits are in place
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Check where our American Sellers ship internationally

American Sellers in the EasyExport® network ship to 6 continents, and more than 80 countries, all 100% compliant. Check out our service territory page for more information.

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Step 3: Paperwork Completion

Once all import and export licenses have been obtained, EasyExport will remove any holds on international orders. American sellers can ship international orders as easily as domestic purchases, while buyers sit back and wait for delivery. 

  • Orders can be picked, packed, and shipped as normal
  • Have complete peace of mind that all necessary paperwork is in order
  • View order details through your personalized user interface
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EasyExport Web Icons_Process - Continued Support

Step 4: Continued Support

Our commitment to users doesn't begin when an order is placed or end when it's shipped. At EasyExport, we're dedicated to creating relationships between American sellers and international buyers, opening up new opportunities for both.

  • Ongoing license monitoring for automated renewals
  • No need to wait for license approvals for future orders
  • Build international relationships based on trust
EasyExport Website V2_Process - Continued Support
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AI and Specialist Expertise

We use a mix of AI-driven automation and skilled experts to ensure compliance

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 Our detailed process supports you throughout your entire buying/selling journey
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Import and Export
With Ease

We streamline the process, and manage all the complexities on your behalf

The EasyExport Insights™ 2022 Annual Report

EasyExport Insights™ tracks exports of American guns, parts, optics and ammunition.

Click the button below to access your copy of the EasyExport Insights™ 2022 Annual Report.

EE - Q123 - 2022 Insights Report - 3D Cover

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What Our Customers Say


"The registration and approval process for purchasers has a quick turnaround time and this prevents abandoned carts for us.

Purchasers are easily able to navigate the buying process and this smooth transaction makes for a happy customer! "

Jen Ramsay, General Manager.



"Since joining the EasyExport site, I have found them to be extremely helpful whenever I order anything from one of the merchants registered with them.

They clear the paperwork I need in record time and never keep me waiting. They have always kept me updated if ever there is a delay on any of my orders and I highly recommend them"

Mick Doyle, Ireland
International Buyer


EasyExport is cost-effective, and
takes a huge, bureaucratic process and distills our part of it down to a few steps we can handle with confidence. I highly recommend EasyExport.

Al Lorenz, OwnerEE - Merchant Logos_Lakeline LLC


"It arrived so quick! I don’t know how this is even possible. There is nothing you could have done better.

Fantastic customer service, quick response
time, and quick delivery. Just perfect."

Remo, EU
International Buyer


"Thanks to the team at EasyExport, we have been able to drastically reduce the turnaround time for orders shipping to our existing clients as well as to expand our international sales with ease and confidence.

EasyExport has done the research necessary to ensure our products are legal for import as is, whether they require additional consumer licensing or otherwise."

Scott Volquartsen, President, 


"It's easy to create an account, and uploading documents goes smoothly. When it's time for checkout and payment, just hit the EasyExport button and that's it.

If any documents are needed, EasyExport will let you know asap.

I have used EasyExport several times with 3 different companies without hiccups."

Frode, Norway
International Buyer

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