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Dreaming of expanding internationally, but deterred by the complexities of exporting restricted products? With EasyExport’s simple 6-step process, you can…

  • Gain a competitive advantage

  • Tap into new international markets to maximize your revenue

  • Export with complete peace of mind you’re meeting all legal criteria

  • Uncover new ways to make exporting firearms, parts and accessories quick and easy

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Now is the Time to Start Selling Internationally

Exclusively for American Sellers, learn how to export your firearms and accessories, safely, reliably, and affordably across the world….and increase your revenues by 20%

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Start with 6 Simple Steps

From scheduling your personalized consultation to trying out EasyExport® for yourself, to exporting your first order, EasyExport® streamlines the process for you to sell firearms, parts, and accessories to International Buyers.

Schedule A Consultation

From this section or at the top right of our website, schedule your personalized demo and consultation.

Choose a date and time that is convenient for you to meet with an EasyExport® specialist.

During our consultation we will:

  • Take the time to learn about your business
  • Offer help and guidance to ensure EasyExport® is a great fit
  • Show you the power of the EasyExport® platform

Try EasyExport® and Put It To The Test

During our consultation, we will offer you an opportunity to try the EasyExport® system for free in a real-life example with your own products.

Put EasyExport® to the test.

If we are a great fit, sign our contract and start your onboarding process.

Set Up EasyExport®

After signing your contract, and following a quick and simple onboarding process, we offer two ways to get started.

  • Manual Set Up: Send in your product list for the EasyExport® team to upload and classify. This is the fastest way to get started and you can be live selling in around 2 weeks
  • eCommerce integration: Plug EasyExport® directly into your existing eCommerce store through an API connection. An eCommerce integration is the best way to get orders out the door quickly and easily.
  • There’s no need to spend time and money setting up a new international website, or changing your current order system; EasyExport® simply slots into your existing systems and workflows.

Let us Manage the Compliance

The EasyExport® process means there is no need to spend time on huge amounts of paperwork and complex administration. We handle all that for you.

When an order is flagged as requiring an export license or import permit, EasyExport® automatically places a hold on the order while applying for the export license, checking import permits, and managing all aspects of pre-shipment processing on your behalf.

All regulatory requirements are handled by us, leaving you with more time to focus on doing what you do best! - growing sales and winning new customers.

Welcome New Customers

Once you launch EasyExport®, you don't need to worry about the compliance, you can open your virtual doors to dealers, consumers, and other buyers from all over the world.

With EasyExport®, you’ll have complete peace of mind that you’re only selling to customers who have successfully registered with us, and have been carefully vetted to ensure you’re able to export compliantly.

This helps to eradicate problems further down the line and gives you confidence that your customers are permitted to import.

Export With Confidence

Once any required export licenses or import permits are in place, EasyExport® removes holds and clears orders to be picked, packed, and shipped.

American Sellers can export a wide range of items, including firearms, parts, riflescopes, and related products, directly to consumers, dealers, and government agencies outside the United States.

EasyExport® is also on hand to support you through the shipping process, from finding the best shipping options, to meeting carrier requirements, expediting shipments by commercial freight, and preparing accurate shipping labels and customs declarations.

What Our
American Sellers Say


"The registration and approval process for purchasers has a quick turnaround time and this prevents abandoned carts for us.

Purchasers are easily able to navigate the buying process and this smooth transaction makes for a happy customer!"

Jen Ramsay, General Manager.



"EasyExport is cost-effective, and takes a huge, bureaucratic process and distills our part of it down to a few steps we can handle with confidence. I highly recommend EasyExport."

Al Lorenz, Owner.

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"Thanks to the team at EasyExport, we have been able to drastically reduce the turnaround time for orders shipping to our existing clients as well as to expand our international sales with ease and confidence.

EasyExport has done the research necessary to ensure our products are legal for import as is, whether they require additional consumer licensing or otherwise."

Scott Volquartsen, President.

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The EasyExport Insights 2022 Annual Report

EasyExport Insights tracks exports of American guns, parts, optics and ammunition.

Click the button below to access your copy of the EasyExport Insights 2022 Annual Report.


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Frequently Asked Questions

EasyExport® is committed to making it as quick, easy, and hassle-free as possible to begin exporting your products to overseas buyers and grow your business. We know that you are searching for a solution that removes the risk and headaches associated with shipping overseas and need a safe, efficient tool to help you do just that.
We speak frequently with American Sellers across the country and understand that you may have a few questions. You’ll find our most frequently asked questions here to help you find the answers you need instantly but if you have a query not covered here, please get in touch. We’d be very happy to help.
What is EasyExport®?

EasyExport® is a software solution that enables American sellers to ship safely, by themselves, to international buyers in more than 80 countries.


Our technology automates order processing, identifies orders that require export licenses, manages export licenses, generates accurate shipping labels, instantly generates shipper's letters of instruction (SLIs), and enables easy interaction with commercial freight forwarders. It is your fast, legal and safe passport to international sales.

Is EasyExport® for me?

If you manufacture or sell firearms, parts, scopes, or accessories and ship or want to ship them to other countries, EasyExport® is for you.


If you already export products, EasyExport can help you export them more easily, efficiently, and economically, all while supported by a highly experienced team of industry experts.


If you don’t currently handle international orders but want to grow your business and make more sales, EasyExport® can let you to tap into a new revenue stream in two weeks. Our experienced team is also on hand to provide guidance and support to help you get up and running as a seller to international buyers.


Please visit our American sellers page for more information.

How does EasyExport® work?

EasyExport® is simple to use:


  1. Once you've signed up with us, your international orders will be entered into EasyExport through your ecommerce system, ERP system or user interface.
  2. EasyExport® instantly analyzes each order to determine whether an export license or import permit is required. 

  3. If so, EasyExport® puts a hold on the order. That prevents the order from being shipped until regulations are satisfied. 

  4. EasyExport®’s knowledgeable team obtains the necessary export licenses for you and approves the import permits your customers to obtain. 

  5. When licenses and permits are in place, EasyExport® clears the order for shipment.

Most orders are cleared for shipment instantly. Only a small percentage of orders require either an export license or import permit.


Please visit our export page for more information.

Is EasyExport® safe? We don’t know anything about export regulations

EasyExport® was designed by experts in firearm exports to give you complete peace of mind. Export regulations are complicated, and we saw that this complication, and the fear of getting it wrong, was stopping many American businesses from growing their revenue by tapping into the strong demand from overseas buyers.


EasyExport® was built from the ground up to ensure best practice compliance. We also provide comprehensive training, useful resources, and unlimited help desk services, freeing you up to export with confidence. If you make a mistake (everyone does sooner or later), we’ll also take the lead to fix it for you.

How much does EasyExport® cost?

Our pricing structure is simple, fair, and transparent. As a seller, you pay only when you make a sale to an international customer. There is a charge when you receive an order and a second charge when you ship. Both charges are based on the value of the order or shipment.


For example, A sale under $100 will cost $15. A $500 sale costs $57.50. A $1,000 sale will cost $110. Please visit our Subscriptions page for more information.

How hard is shipping when I receive an international order?

It isn’t hard at all! Multiple affordable options are available for shipping most packages to most destinations (we currently serve more than 80 countries). EasyExport® is designed to assist you with every aspect of shipping, with additional support from our help desk available on demand.


EasyExport® will only clear your order for shipping after verifying whether an export license and or import permit is required, and then obtaining the relevant export license and or checking the import permit. This means that every order cleared by EasyExport® can be shipped with complete peace of mind that you are operating legally and compliantly.


From your EasyExport® interface, you can ensure reliable delivery with accurate shipping labels, interact with commercial freight forwarders effortlessly, and generate Shipper's Letters of Instruction (SLIs) instantly.

Will we get paid? Isn’t there a risk of fraud?

Sellers who ship to EasyExport® approved customers face zero risk of fraud. For compliance purposes, EasyExport® thoroughly vets every buyer - whether they are an individual, business or government agency - before activating their registration.

This process not only assures sellers that they are doing business with lawful customers, it also protects against credit card fraud.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Click here to book a consultation at a day and time that suits you. A representative will get in touch to talk you through using EasyExport and set up your test environment so you can experience using EasyExport® firsthand.


If you’d like to get started, you can be using EasyExport® to ship internationally in as little as two weeks.

What is your onboarding process?

We’ve designed our onboarding process to be incredibly simple, while also ensuring you’re confident using EasyExport® and all of its features. You can expect the whole process to take around two weeks.


After signing a contract with us, we’ll schedule an onboarding meeting. We’ll then ask you for your product list so we can set it up in EasyExport® on your behalf. When your products are loaded, we’ll invite you to join a training session. At the end of the training session, your account goes live and you’re ready to accept and ship orders from overseas buyers.

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