August 2020 – EasyExport Insights™ Monthly Analysis

By August 15, 2020 March 10th, 2021 EasyExport Insights™

Improvements in this Issue

We have made our first improvements to EasyExport Insights!

More will follow in the coming months.

Ammunition Exports

As promised in our first issue, we have added exports of ammunition to our monthly reporting. In this issue, we begin monthly reporting on shotgun, rifle and pistol ammunition.

The inclusion of ammunition exports in our statistics has a dramatic effect on the overall numbers. During the last 36 months, rifle, pistol and shotgun ammunition collectively comprised approximately 22.5% of annualized U.S. exports of the product categories we cover.

New Country Spotlight Reports

We have changed the format of our monthly Country Spotlight reports.

Starting with this issue, our Country Spotlight reports will consist of a table and graph that provide a deeper look at the performance of all product categories than our previous format permitted.

This month’s Country Spotlight report looks at exports to the United Kingdom. Check them out to see whether the UK presents export opportunities for your products.

In keeping with the format of our other reports, we look back 36 months and present the data several different ways.

The best thing about our new Country Spotlight format is that, once we add a new country, we will update our Spotlight reports for that country every month. In our next issue, we will update the UK reports and add a new country to our recurring coverage. 

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