FAQs for U.S. Exporters

Below we’ve answered several frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please send us a message.

What is EasyExport?

EasyExport is an export processing service. With EasyExport, online sellers of firearms, riflescopes and related products in the United States can ship directly to dealers, individuals and government agencies in 82 countries. EasyExport takes care of all the regulatory requirements for exporters and helps purchasers meet import requirements in their countries.

What products can I export if I use EasyExport?

EasyExport can process exports of any product, other than ammunition and related equipment, that is not export-controlled, that is controlled under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) or that is a sound suppressor controlled by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).

This means that sporting and hunting firearms, parts, rifle scopes, accessories, sound suppressors and other products all can be shipped to customers in 82 countries. EasyExport prohibits shipment to individuals of certain items and import restrictions restrict the import of some items. More information about the EasyExport Service Territory can be obtained here.

How does EasyExport work?

EasyExport plugs into your web store through an API connection and analyzes purchasers’ purchases in the shopping cart. After the purchaser has paid you, EasyExport puts holds on items that require export licenses, import permits or other pre-shipment processing. We take care of those items for you. You can ship after holds are removed from your shipping screen. Many orders will have no holds and can ship immediately.

How can I be sure I will be selling firearm products only to lawful purchasers?

EasyExport approves purchasers before they can shop at your online store. Restricted party screens are updated daily.

How much does EasyExport cost?

EasyExport subscription charges are a percentage of the amount you sell. There is also a small one-time setup charge for each product and for connecting your web store to our server. There are no other charges.

Cancel any time you want.

To how many countries will I be able to ship?

EasyExport currently supports sales to purchasers in 82 countries. Additional countries will be added in the future. Firearms cannot be shipped directly to individuals in any country; as in the U.S., firearms are shipped to dealers for transfer to the individual. Certain other restrictions apply. Click here to see detailed information for each country.

How will I ship?

EasyExport is designed to make it simple for your order fulfillment and shipping teams to ship to 82 countries. You print international shipping documents with the required information from your shipping screen and EasyExport integrates with Stamps.com to generate labels. We also provide an interface with freight forwarders for commercial shipments.

How long has EasyExport been operating?

EasyExport has been processing orders in a partially automated test mode since March 2020. As of September 1, 2020, EasyExport had processed approximately 750 orders from individuals and dealers in 10 countries. EasyExport will become fully automated in the coming months.

We don’t export currently. We are not familiar with export regulations. How much do we need to know?

Familiarity with export regulations is not required. EasyExport takes care of that for you. Training and Help Desk services for your packing, shipping and customer service personnel are included in your subscription.

Will EasyExport obtain export licenses for us?

Yes. We know when an export license is required and we obtain it for you.

Even better, if EasyExport determines that an export license is required when it scans a pending order, EasyExport checks whether the requirement can be satisfied by using the Low Value Shipment (LVS) exception or by applying an export license that was obtained previously. If so, the order is cleared for shipment instantly.

How big is the export market for U.S. firearms products?

EasyExport posts a free monthly report, EasyExport Insights™ with detailed data on the export market for 20 categories of U.S. firearms and related products. Please see the latest issue of EasyExport Insights for current information on the size of the export market for your products.

How will I find international customers?

EasyExport subscriptions include access to customized market reports that enable EasyExport customers to target the best markets for their products, to identify the people who use products like theirs, to benchmark their products and pricing against competing products and more. Armed with this information, EasyExport exporters work with our international digital marketing partners to design and implement affordable, targeted digital marketing strategies to drive shoppers to their web stores.

The design of the EasyExport system supports these activities – approved purchasers can shop at any EasyExport exporter’s web store. That growing pool of international buyers will be looking for you even if you engage in no international marketing at all.

Does EasyExport offer sales representation, consulting, brokerage or other advisory services?

EasyExport does not offer or provide sales representation, consulting, brokerage or other advisory services